Typically, or so it seems, it’s a black dog or it’s a black cat wandering through our backyard. Really, it’s not “our,” it’s Pop’s backyard.

Pop’s looking out the window at this black Labrador and he saying over and over to it, “You should be on a leash.” Not that Pop doesn’t enjoy watching you-name-it creature crossing through his backyard.

The visits from these larger furry beasts (as opposed to the ubiquitous squirrel and chipmunk) are seemingly few and far between.

Sometimes, it’s a deer wandering through; typically a brown dear. But, I suppose, the deer may have black spots.

And because one of our neighbors has a fence, now Pop wants a fence. And, really, for no useful reason. Why that neighbor has the fence is a mystery. Though, it’s a nice enough looking fence—a scalloped picket with rough sawn Northern White Cedar boards and framework; treated Red Pine posts. Still, this neighbor has no kids, nor pets. And not a garden, either.

But Pop's dead-set on a fence because, in this neighborhood, fences are apparently “in.”

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