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Coccinella novemnotata, & Mr. Frank Out of the house by six AM with Betty, 89; Pop, 92, to pick up Great Aunt Doss, 94. Then, out to a Dominick’s in Buffalo Grove. There, wait — with fold-up chairs — in line, (ideally) until eight AM to get three “numbers.” They’ll give out one hundred fifty, the haggard-sounding voice told me over the phone. Upon securing the numbers, distribute said seniors to their preferred destinations. Later, round up the gang, and return, (ideally) sometime before three PM, for the "as scheduled" shots. Post injections, return Betty to Presbyterian Homes, Doss to her house; make it home in time to make and eat dinner, and for Pop to shuffle off to his adult ( not XXX) Bar Mitzvah class — where he can’t hear a thing the Rabbi says, even when she’s standing steps away. But the Rabbi is cute, and that's why Pop goes. (OK, maybe XXX, but only in Pop's mind .) According to the sheet Dr. Goldberg’s office gave Pop, tomorrow is our second to last

Mm-mm, GOOD

Zits on my ass, what could be better? Yes, my ass breaks out, when I pig out.


I just finished Kerouac’s On The Road . So, who wants to go find Hassel? Who’s with me? Better: Let’s go dig up Dean. Let’s go get “ IT ”. Man, I wanna be the “HOLY GOOF.” My first favorite line in the book? “I made love to her under the tarantula.” (page 92) I did not love this book. I don’t know if I even liked this book. Nonetheless, this book has affected me. Next, I’m gonna pick up some Twain. That’s the beauty of this TIME. Like me, you can have stacked on your desk right now: The Tempest, Uncle Vanya, The Picture Of Dorian Gray, On The Road, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Carrie, Richard Matheson’s The Twilight Zone scripts, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (British hardcover), STAR WARS: Infinities , and Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes. And this sentence — that you’re reading now — is filler. Because life in the United States of America doesn’t offer nearly enough. Filler , that is. Oh, one more thing: jizzim. Unless it’s: jissum. Or, jissem. Or someth


This week, for a change, I’ve decided to fight off a cold. Great fun. Last night? Absolutely delirious! Not a wink of sleep, though. Special thanks to Ms. Tylenol, Mr. NyQuil, & Mrs. Robitussin. In large part, because of you three, it’s been a d i z z y few days.

Missing Cell

Don’t say Pop lost — say, Pop misplaced — the cell phone he takes everywhere but never uses; never turns on. He doesn’t even know its number. Hunting for the thing in his car, find an undeveloped roll of film lodged between the driver’s seat and the middle armrest. The roll could be as old as the car. And the car’s twelve years old. This was a month ago. The phone still hasn’t turned up, so we got him a new one. The roll of film sits on my dresser, waiting for a dark room. Could pictures of grandma be on it? She’s been gone almost ten years.