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Quarterly Throb Assessment (Excerpts)

Here’s what’s curious: At the bottom of the page, Rupert wrote, “Throbs account for too much inspiration.” But did he mean “throbs” in general? Ask him now and he will probably say, “Possibly.” Whatever he meant, he made the initial observation nearly a year ago.  At the top of the page, Rupert wrote, “He’s got an eye throb and a tooth throb this morning, but these are nothing new.” We suspect he was expressing himself in the third person. Rupert smiled wryly and/or coyly when we put the question to him; i.e. we asked, “Were you referring to yourself when you wrote “he’s” or “his”? Ask him a question about any of his writings and he’ll smirk (wryly/coyly) and/or he’ll wink.  “Said throbs manifest from his right eye—his weaker eye,” Rupert wrote, “and the left, upper rearmost molar in his mouth.”  Rupert confessed to us that he hasn’t seen a doctor since the cassette tape fell out of fashion.  “Said throbs are not a daily occurrence,” wrote Rupert, nearly a year ago. “Said throbs occu