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Consider the Late Mr. & Mrs. Gale…

Bass-O-Matic :  What happened to that girl in the building who gave you the cold shoulder for no reason? FireVaney : Whenever we cross paths, she just glares at me. I usually step aside and look to the floor. Fortunately, she keeps to herself. I rarely see her at all. Bass-O-Matic :  Next time she glares at you, why not pretend she has heat vision?  Just scream and pretend to melt.  You could even lament, "What a world, what a world!" FireVaney :  Speaking of the Wicked Witch of the West, I just finished reading Baum’s book. Other than being a good title, I don’t know why it’s called  The   Wonderful Wizard of Oz . The Wizard has very little to do with the story. Anyway, I read it because I recently sat through a high school production (largely adopted from the MGM feature film). The early Kansas scenes dragged on a bit, unlike the novel—where, from beginning to end, Dorothy is in Kansas for less than five quick pages. But as I watched this school product