And “Sell-by” dates?

So many people will tell you that milk, or whatever, is still good a few days beyond the “Sell-by” date.

Look. At the point when you’re not willing to sell it—that’s the point it’s not going in my mouth.

It’s all about native good judgment.

That’s what they need to teach in schools—not algebra, not the periodic table of the elements, not this “No Child Left Behind” bullshit—but Common Sense. Slap some Common Sense into a kid, and you can leave that kid anywhere. Kid’ll be just fine!

And this talk about judges carrying guns—you tell me, between a crusty old judge and a gang-banger defendant, who do ya think is gonna be quicker on the draw? When you’ve got nothing left but desperation? Just who, given the likely age difference alone is going to have the better aim?

But I was talking about apples...

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