We barely knew each other.

A good thing.

This way, you see, you’re in my heart in the best possible way. My love, or whatever it is, is this impossible ideal. And it makes me happy. Or, at least, it does now. Finally.

You’re perfect for me in a way that is an utter fantasy. Thank God you’re not now in my life to ruin it.

Odds are, if we knew each other any better, ultimately, you would’ve killed me, or I would’ve killed myself.

Anyway, if you ever happen to read this, and realize it is about you, please consider quitting cigarettes; consider cutting way down on the drinking; and consider having more self-respect—at least, with regard to your career goals.

You have it within you to make quite an impact on the world. Of that, I have no doubt. Lung or liver cancer, however, might set an otherwise avoidable limit on said impact.

Don't die full of potential.
Die having made your mark.

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