Poor Judge Of Character

The “man” you knew, I’m not him.
And the woman I knew, you’re not her.

What’s clear, I think, is that you were never the woman I wanted to know. Because the woman I wanted to know, who looked and acted just like you, would right now be my wife. But you always only wanted a platonic relationship. And this is the way it is with pretty girls and me.

If only… So. Many. Things.

Reading my blog, you must think I am insane.
You’d be partially correct.

That party, you sat down next to me, on my left, on that sofa. I said to myself, “This other girl, on my right, she’s HOT — and she’s just been introduced to me… but this girl seated to my left, she’s perfect.”

My mistake.
That doesn’t mean I won’t go on making it.

Some people (okay, more than some) believe in God.
I don’t.
But I do believe in you.

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