Written In 30 Days: Fifty Thousand, Four Hundred Eleven Words.

In fact, I hit the fifty thousand word mark before midnight last night.

Thanks for issuing the challenge, Mr. Baty. Now I can stop hating your guts for planting the notion in my mind. Six hundred words a day — that’s all I’m really good for. Hence, all my future novels shall have, at the least, sixty or ninety day deadlines. Though, a real, tangible deadline is definitely the key.

So, in addition to the most words I’ve ever crammed into a single Word document, this year’s accomplishments include:

Writing a lousy play about a girl who dates a serial killer — and she is entirely OK with it. (I’ll post the three remaining awful, awful scenes soon.)

Starting and abandoning too many blogs to count.

Beating the shit out my Dell PC; then buying a Dell laptop — and resisting the urge to beat the shit out of it every other time I turn it on and something else stops working that worked fine the last time I turned it on.

Performing in two FUN, FUN, FUN shows.

Rekindling old friendships and establishing a few new ones.

Getting paid to die. (It came with a free postmortem meal, too!)

Losing a lot of weight. (Over the summer, I was running ten miles three days a week!)

Not catching any STDs. (Not getting the opportunity to, either.)

Reading more books this year than I did last year.

Almost saw a Megadeth concert.

Crawling out of my shell more often than I did last year. (This next year, what I’ve got to do is, ditch that shell altogether.)

And if I think of any other 2004 accomplishments, I’ll edit them in.

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