Life’s a potholed one-way street; you, you’re barreling down it full speed in your jalopy on your chopper or your luxury SUV Behind you asphalt’s falling away into oblivion So there’s no — there’s NEVER — any turning back.

The dashboard red warning, it’s not blinking the fasten seatbelt icon It’s flashing: Dwelling is putting on the breaks Dwelling is putting on the breaks Dwelling is putting on the breaks And putting on the breaks the asphalt’ll just crumble under your tires And then you’ll have to hop out and run the rest of the way And running the rest of the way’ll wear you down faster sooner than later ‘cause the whole point is later than sooner right?

Then faster than later asphalt’ll give way beneath your feet.

After that some say you’ll float Others they say you’ll fall.

(Narrator sighs. Shakes her head.)

But if you must dwell, dwell ONLY upon the page.

Dwell that way keepin’ the pedal to the metal Or one foot poundin’ after the other…

‘Course that way any way really, you, you’re lookin’ at a crash lookin’ at a stumble at broken bones and brain damage at least bruised elbows scraped knees… if that’s what you want

(Narrator sighs. Shakes her head.)

…if that’s what you want

You could be a Bob Seger American Storm:

“It’s like a wall of mirrors
You charge `em at full speed
You cover up — you hear the shattering glass
But you never bleed
You never feel the need…”

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