EVERY time

Why, you want to know, does your face breakout always the day before, or morning of, a major family gathering (the likes of a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, etc.), or a job interview, or an acting audition, or the first rehearsal, or opening night, or a date?

Why, the mornings of these same occasions, won’t the coarse little hairs on your neck shave off? Why does the razor, always and ONLY on these mornings, leave red blotchy bumps and streaks all over your neck?

More, on these particular days? They’re ALWAYS Bad Hair days. It just sticks out everywhere.

Why, you want to know, do you look your best always and ONLY on the days when no one you know, and/or no one you want to know, sees you?

(This last bit, albeit interesting, is, admittedly, extraneous…)

This is why you don’t see me very often. This is why, my hanging-out is rare. ‘Cause for you, even my best, will barely do.

-- -- -- --

Re: Collateral.

Went to see a Michael Mann movie hoping it would be a David Fincher-esque flick. My hopes were dashed. If you see it, see it for Jamie Foxx, not for Tom Cruise. A few critics’ve said Collateral, by the end, goes way over the top. For my money, it didn’t get half-way up the hill.

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