The US-99 Effect

Into loving Country music,
I dragged myself.
Kicking and screaming.

Used to be, I’d go through Country music “phases”.
They’d last a week or two, and I’d have my fill for the year.

Only now, looks like I’m hooked.

Though, of some of the tunes, I’m not too crazy about the thinly-veiled right-wing agenda.

Today, was a beautiful summer day.
No rain.
No wind.
Hardly a cloud in the sky.

And yet…
Many grocery shoppers abandoned their carts willy-nilly throughout my local Jewel-Osco’s parking lot -- these people being, evidentially, either blind, or in too much of a hurry to seek out one of the many “Return Areas”.

It reflects negatively -- Does it not? -- on the civility of the community at large.

Could it be the effect of Country music on the Suburban Soccer Mom?

Does sitting so high, so often, in their SUVs make them lightheaded?

Does the air get thinner way up there in their H2s, their Cadillac Escalades, in their Lincoln Navigators?

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