The Crowd We’ve Waited For

Arguably, the crowd that turned out for last Saturday’s performance was our most receptive yet. In this kind of show, when the crowd’s big, and they’re really diggin’ it, actors are often tempted to try out new material, take risks, and/or milk the laughs a bit.

Case in point…
My line: “Screw it. Sheila, he said those things to you only to get you into bed with him.”
Became: “Sheila, the man wanted to pop your cherry. Pop your cherry! Pop it!

­And, my line: “Just go, see if you cannot get some rest this night. I’m sure you’ll want to see our Promised One when he returns.”
Became: “Just go! See if you cannot get some rest this night – If not, I’m sure the blacksmith can rig up some sort of vi-brator for you!”

Upon exiting the scene, I checked for the director’s reaction.
He whispered, “You’re fired!”
But it was said with a smile.

This upcoming Friday night, I’m adding three little words to the end of that “vibrator” line, which, I hope, will really rouse the audience reaction I’m looking for.

I want a big laugh like the “nut-sack” line got in Scooby.
BTW: This upcoming Saturday, the show’s going on tour. We’re performing in a ballroom at the Holiday Inn O’hare as part of Flashback Weekend (

I’ve only two concerns:
First, that I make it to Ian’s wedding, on time, without getting lost.
Second, that I make it to the show, on time -- really, with plenty of time to spare – without getting lost.

One way or another, next Saturday’s gonna be real exciting.

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