S T R E A M # 2 9

I’m sorry. I’m afraid I’ve lost sight of my objective here. This isn’t about you, the reader. No, this isn’t about amusing you. This is about me, the writer – the streamer. Thus, we’ll summarily dispense with all reason. Henceforth (or, at the very least, until the bottom here is reached), there’ll be a whole lot less forthright insight into what makes the FireVaney tick. The sky is grey because the bombs are not dropping on the sun at five o’clock in the morning when the trees are wishing for a new potato crop at the next summer fair. You’ve been to the summer fair, don’t say you haven’t, don’t lie to your uncle FireVaney. Dude, to say that the dreams are not true just because they’re dreams is like saying that the potatoes are dreams in the minds of so many apple seeds. NO, I won’t eat bananas naked anymore. That was a fad, a trend, a phase. Yes, we all go through the nude eating banana phase. Don’t tell me you didn’t skip to the tree’s beat last Saturday night. I saw you. I was spying on your potato. Yes. I spy on potatoes. Yes, in June I spy on tomatoes and potatoes and cantaloupes. When the ants eat the soup they ask you to pass the salt because there isn’t enough salt in the wound. No, when there’s enough salt in the wound you know you’re alive! You know it! Tomorrow is a special day. For many idealists. Snails make for simple toys when you think about kites and balloons. Because, you see, the balloons are the source of many smiles. When the time comes I will eat the tomatoes and the cantaloupes in the time allotted for the new dawn. When the trees are not budding, that’s when I’ll want to sneeze up that rock. But you don’t care. You just sit there and eat your soup. Your salt is for sale. Didn’t you know that? It says so. It’s right there. You wrote it on that sign. That sign right there. You don’t see the sign? I saw the sign. “And it opened up my eyes.” Or however the song goes. And I don’t want the beast to eat the crap out of the toilet because that’s just sick. So what if they’re beasts, they deserve some dignity. Don’t we all? Don’t we all want some today? Do you want to sit and talk and drink? I want to eat my soup in the winter outside by the tree. It wants some company. That’s what they say. That’s what they want. That is the tomato paste from the cow. Yes, it is. It is a very talented cow. That cow can make great spaghetti sauce. You wouldn’t believe it. What you’ve got to understand is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Because it is. And if you fail to understand that, then you are useless to me. You’ve got to grasp the possibility of anything. Why? Let me sip my coffee and think about it. Why? Because my coffee is getting cold. Bottom reached. 
25 June 2008

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