S T R E A M # 2 5

Start: Ah. Nerves. Plenty for tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight, barring The Unforeseen, the Gods have allotted another potential Fifteen Minutes of Fame for the FireVaney. The Gods bend over backwards for this clumsy schlep. And he’s going in unprepared. That’s right, folks, he’s Winging It! That’s okay. (It’s also OK, and Ok, and okey-dokey.) Well, it’ll be okay so long as he doesn’t stutter too much. His objective is to add interesting and amusing Input to The Ongoing. Then again, for all he knows, he might not get past security. They seem to play it fast and loose over there. Either way, it should be, at minimum, “interesting.” And then there’s tomorrow night. Looks like he’s going it alone. Like the ole Os Man liked to say in the face of possible catastrophe: “It’s all good.” That’s the notion FireVaney must cling to. The turtle won’t get nowhere until he sticks his neck out. Golly, this ain’t no Stream. This is a Stumble Through. STREAM, DAMNIT! The point is not to eat cheese on a Saturday night when the time at the tone is eleven p.m. No, the point is to stare at the cheese and ponder its existence. Yes, cheese has the right to be pondered just like every dairy product has the right to be pondered. No, I am not talking about the sort of pondering that involves little tiny elephants. (Or even tiny little elephants.) My God, man, who do you think you are? All this “pondering” baloney! You’re no good at it. You’re a fake! Yes, you’ve no idea what it means to Ponder. Oh, sure, you’ll make all the facial gestures, but it’s all an act! Welp, that’s training for you. Why zits on the tip of the nose TODAY?!? Of All Days?!? Then again, it’s radio. Who’s gonna care? You want to look good for your hosts. Because there’s that fear that you won’t sound too good for your hosts. This is silliness. It is all UNKNOWN. Fate continues to hurl surprises at you like apes persist in hurling their poo at the zoo keepers. They do do that, don’t they? You’ve never seen them do that, but you’re guessing that they do. You would, wouldn’t you? I’m sure I would. This would be entertaining for a captive ape, no? What baloney! Just have to get down to the bottom of the page! Not much farther to go. Too many distractions. Perhaps you’re doing too much, too soon. Huh? What? Nothing’s happened yet! You’ve made plans, that’s all! Yes, true, you think you have an appointment for tonight. But there’s been no official confirmation. Although, in a way, there has. Almost there. Yeah, sorry, tomorrow’s gonna be a lousy stream, too. I can just tell. Focus! FOCUS! Who cares? This is so much silliness. Push through. POWER through. One word after the next. One “sentence” after the next. Just like one minute, one hour, one day at a time. What more can one do? Almost there. Calm. Happy. Here. Bottom reached. 
19 June 2008

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