(4:45 AM) Inkling Deficiencies Notwithstanding...


Time flies when you revise a single stupid sentence twenty-seven times. I’m kidding. I don’t keep track of how many times I revise a single sentence, whether stupid or smart. Talk about true madness! If I ever get to that point, swear you’ll have me committed. Pinky swear. But if you happen upon a clean and tastefully padded room, with a clear view of a nudists beach, I might be up for that. 

People I know woke up forty-five minutes ago for work. Some of these people, I’d like to know better, but doubt I ever will, seeing that I avoid them now. Which brings us back to fear. 

And by now, the coffee’s likely cooled off. Which means I won’t have to pour in too much “French” vanilla creamer. For what little it’s worth (which is very likely less than a tenth of a penny) I simply cannot stand the taste of “French” fat-free creamer. No, I’ve got to use the “French” fat-full creamer… 

Damn, just poured in too much damn creamer… 

That the sun’s rising, what has that to do with my nose’s running? Is the discharge of nasal mucus—not unlike the tides—affected by the respective gravitational pulls of the moon and the sun on the Earth? If so, how is that relevant? 

But then what is relevant
to a single stone
on Pluto? 

What is relevant 
to a single stone 

stones are relevant 
to creatures of all sorts, 
but what, 
if anything, 
is relevant to 
the stone 

What might be relevant to a stone? 
Does a stone yearn to be a boulder? 
A pebble? 
Does it yearn to instigate an avalanche? 
Does a stone yearn at all? 
Can it? 
Can we disprove 
that a stone 
for nothing? 

It’s absurd, of course, 
but what makes you think 
you aren’t? 
that is not to suggest 
that I am any less 

15 June 2005 

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