S T R E A M # 1

APRIL 6, 2008: This is not the time to stay dancing on the floor of the night ballroom of the Purple Hotel that I will miss because it is Purple and I will not have the time or the change to detonate a charge of indignation toward those who destroy things unique in this world. This is the time to change the time in the line of the aforementioned data stream but it will not happen because I am lazy and need to continue with this. I am not mad I am mad but I am not. For this is the time to remember that I will bleed the knowledge and the interesting case of the dog and the cat where it is not time saving my head feels strange. Now, when you eat, you’ve got to eat things that taste good. Otherwise, what’s the point? I understand you want to eat healthy food so you won’t get fat, but what can you do? You don’t have as much conscious control as you think. That’s why I’m doing this. I’m doing this to dispense with conscious control. I don’t want to quote pop-culture characters like Yoda. I was about too you see. I was about to mention that Yoda once said, “You must unlearn what you have learned.” I’m trying to do that right now. I am trying to unlearn. When I write, I typically have an aim. But this is purely aimless. This writing. This right now. No thought — or, as little as possible is going into it. I’d like to do this every day. My hope is that I’ll get better at it. I’m not sure what “better” means however. Will I get better at making sense on the fly or will I get better at writing nonsense? I don’t know if I should proof read this or not. I am however correcting spelling on the fly (rather the Word application is notifying me of such errors — of which there have been many). Perhaps I should simply disable the auto-correct or error-notification function(s). Doing so might make this go faster. I just stopped. I just changed the “view” to “print view” so I could see just how much I have written so far. Looks like about half a page. I’m thinking about how long this should be. Should I go on for a page, or should I consider the time? I started writing this about twelve minutes ago, at twelve o’clock. “Noon,” in other words. I thought when I started that I should go on for about ten minutes. I don’t want to exhaust myself. I purpose is to infect jump-start my “muse.”* But this is easy to do. This aimless ranting is. The phone is ringing. I’m waiting for it to stop. I’m waiting for Pop to pick it up. Nine times out of ten if somebody calls on the “hardline” or the “landline” because nobody calls the other thing a “soft-line” — or do they? — anyway, the call, if it’s on the hard/land line, it’s not a call for me. So, nine times out of ten, I’ll wait for Pop to pick it up. If the phone rings five times, the answering machine will take over. If Pop is home when this happens, it probably means he’s on the toilet. This is often the case. But sometimes I worry that it isn’t the case at all and I’ll have to go check on him. Anyway, the phone stopped ringing, this time around, after three rings. So either Pop picked it up or whoever it was gave up. I don’t know. How would I know? Quit accusing me of knowing anything. And if it wasn’t an accusation, quit jumping to conclusions. Thank you. I have to pee but I’d like to get to the bottom of the page first. This is not a pure Stream Of Consciousness. I’m too attached to making sense and to being somewhat grammatically correct. The doorbell just rang… It was the next door neighbor. The one to the west. He probably called first. He’s come to walk Pop to the train station and back. Pop walks to the train station every day. If he’s up to it, he’ll walk further or farther — whichever’s easiest. He’ll walk (further or father) to the nearest bench along the bike trail that runs parallel to the train tracks. Pop and the neighbor are downstairs, chatting away. They spend more time chatting than they do walking. But I’ve mentioned this before, elsewhere. I’m still debating whether or not I should edit this for “publication” on a blog. The most daring thing to do, I suppose, is to publish it “as-is.” I’ve reached the bottom of the page.†‡

*[07/04/21: Presumably, “I” and “infect” are typos. “The” and “in effect” make the sentence coherent.]

[07/04/21: “1 s t  S t r e a m” (it’s original title) was initially written as a single-spaced Word “document.”] 

[07/04/21: As posted, this “stream” includes several minor corrections and a few 2021 tweaks. (Some of these corrections and tweaks have since been undone. Worse still, a number of grammatical and punctuation errors have since been inserted, deliberately, for effect. But I ask you, what in the modern world isn’t “for effect”?) It is unclear if this post qualifies as an “FVredux.”§ FV authored a total of sixty-one “S t r e a m s” in 2008.] 

§[07/04/21: A blog post is classified (“tagged”) as an “FVredux” if it appeared, in some form, in an earlier incarnation of FireVaney (2004-2009) or in any of his ancillary blogs. Over five hundred posts are archived. Most of these likely rise to the unlofty level of bitter drivel. However, beginning with the 2020 relaunch, FireVaney has aimed to serve up semisweet drivel to a niche market of obscure blog readers. This assumes such a market exists. (That is, not a market of obscure readers, but rather a market for readers of obscure blogs. ((In particular, blogs that tend to make unnecessary and/or excessive use of parentheticals.)) But then tastes (for both the reader and the author) are subject to change.]

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