Westell F90

There you are:  waiting:  patiently waiting.  You are, in a sense, a drooling puppy awaiting a biscuit.  Then again, puppies are not generally known for their patience, are they?  No.  They aren’t.  Thus:  You are not patiently waiting.  You are impatiently waiting.  All the same, you are waiting.  No.  That is a lie.  You are not waiting, not in the least.  You are plunging ahead.  Why?  Because you do not want to waste time.  You’ve wasted so much time.

The storm came and knocked out your connection (which, let us be honest, you did not require in order to be productive); you nevertheless proceeded to spend the next two hours on the phone with a representative of customer service.  With her assistance, the device in question was “reset” and your connection was restored.  Your neighbor, who, you later learned, had also lost his connection, was not as fortunate.  His connection will not be restored until Tuesday.  His provider, it should be noted, is not your provider. 

(But perhaps it should not be noted.  Perhaps none of this should be noted.  Why should, for example, the German, or the one who reads this blog from Germany--or thereabouts--care that it be noted?  I await his or her reply.  In the meantime…)

Hours pass--hours wasted on frivolity--and your connection is again disrupted.  This time, however, the matter is one of authorization.  You dial, once again, for help.  Help is provided, but--alas!--you are informed that your modem is dying.  The representative of customer service advises you to purchase a “Westell F90.”  Alas (yes, again)!  This Westell doohickey is, apparently, no longer made or stocked by any major retailer! 

And there you have it:  Ever more lemons, ever less life.  The lemonade--it perhaps should be noted--rots your teeth.  But at least it is sweet.

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