Skid Mark Across The Sky

A young woman sits cross-legged in a grassy field.  She is set--aside from a single, dispersed contrail--against a pale blue sky.  A notebook computer is flipped open in her lap; its make is unknown.  She is wearing a white and blue cami with spaghetti straps, a scoop neckline, and a hieroglyphic pattern; her blue jeans appear to be cut out of van Gogh’s The Starry Night; her flip-flops are aqua-blue.  Black hair curls down to her bronze shoulders.  She sits frozen, her arms and fingers stretched all the way out, palms up.  Her face is tilted skyward.  It is, however, difficult to conclude whether she is thankful, or incensed; whether she is worshipping the sun, or cursing it to Hell.  Below this photo, the card Veolia Environmental Services sent reads:  “Help us help you.  Enroll now!”

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