At some point—if not for pellucidity's sake then for productivity's sake—you must limit your Influences. While it provides the clay and shapes the molding of the clay, the Influence is, nevertheless, the Constant Invader. Thus: Command (and limit) the Influence, and there is nothing you cannot command (or limit).

Hence: Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, Of Mice and Men, Casablanca, Waiting for Godot, Oleanna, Star Wars, Reservoir Dogs, Toy Story, etc...

Without set boundaries and limitations—read, for example: gravity and atmosphere—there would be only infinite chaos, and thus, no discernable life.

Or not.

* * *

Hm: "... shapes the molding..."
A bit redundant, eh?
Perhaps: "....directs / governs / dragoons the molding..." would be more apt?

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