Do something long enough and you’re likely to develop a certain proficiency, or, at the very least, a certain degree of confidence. Ideally, you’ll achieve both proficiency and confidence. However, is confidence alone demonstrative of success? Confidence, as you know, does not prove competence. (And, oh, the examples I could provide!)

But must success be measured in terms of amassed wealth and/or fame? Generally, yes, I suppose so. But only generally, and very generally. Specifically, things can be very different.

Yet we all adhere to our own measure—the standards of which will fluctuate throughout our lives; the limits of which will be adjusted depending upon the exhaustion of our mental and/or physical facilities.

We’ll all keep butting into that brick wall (some brick wall), until we burst through…to the next—each one more tenacious than the last (perhaps). As you know, They say: “Persistence.” But one never knows…until, perhaps, one becomes one of Them.

, of course, being those so often cited.

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