For What Little It's Worth...

David Mamet once pegged the government as an imaginary friend. The current residents of New Orleans would likely agree.

Watching the news, the question running through my mind is: “How, hundreds of miles away, sheltered, fed, clothed, safe, does one process all of this?” How does one digest the fact that It Is God Awful. At least, God Awful, according to the news.

I want to go there. And do… what?

What does one do? There is already enough money. There is already enough manpower; already enough expertise. Only it all went missing when New Orleans needed it most.

The other thought running through my mind is:

“This doesn’t surprise me.”

Why does it not surprise me?

Time and again, those in power fail to act until such power is threatened. For countless examples, consult history. It’s all happened before. It’ll all happen again.

At best, ours is a country run by optimists.

At worst, we are a nation steeped in obliviousness.

Bob Saget hosted the wrong show. He should’ve hosted COPS. You’re wondering what I meant by that. And there’s your problem. And my problem, too.

Why does it not surprise me?
When it used to infuriate me.

Maybe it’s an age thing.

The older you get, the less you feel…
or, the less you want to feel…
or, the more you train yourself not to feel…

Or, the older you get, the more you drink.

However denial works for you.

New Orleans was only abandoned by everyone who could help.

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